4-Play Porter Label


4-Play pours deep mahogany brown with a beautiful beige head. Medium bitterness is balanced by sweet caramel maltiness we think you’re going to love. If you’re a connoisseur, you may notice below average carbonation. In this beer, the lower carbonation level contributes to its smooth and creamy mouth feel. For added complexity, 4-Play tantalizes with its’ aromatic chocolate and coffee notes combined with earthy and light smokey undertones.



4-Play Porter pairs especially well with hot, spicy food and it’s fantastic with seafood. If you had a rough night, you may want to try it in the morning with pancakes.



Cooking with 4-Play will knock your socks off!!!  Come to our blog and check out some recipes.   Here are a couple you can try.

4-Play Braised Chuck Steak…(for the recipe please click here)

 Smoked Paprika Pot Roast with Sticky Porter Barbeque Sauce ...(for the recipe please click here)



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