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The best thing about opening a brewery is introducing your passion to the community. Great beer brings folks together, it brings meals together, and it inspires other craftsmen working in food to push their own creative horizons.

The Shades of Pale project is a lifetime in the making. Fifteen years before we opened our doors, founder, Trent Fargher, started-out brewing small batches at home. Growing up in a family of gourmands granted Trent excitement and confidence when combining and discovering new flavors. Trent’s wife, Alexandra urged him to finally flip the switch and pursue his love for beer full-time, and now Shades of Pale has been successfully brewing and distributing beer in Utah for eight amazing years.

At Shades, our long-standing mission is to develop inspired, incomparable recipes that offer up refined twists on classic styles.  Our team’s handcrafted, unique, and consistently outstanding work has positioned Shades of Pale beer as one of Utah’s premier local breweries.


Crafting Joy

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As seriously as we take every bottle, we insist that working as creatives only works if the work itself is a joy. Every crazy step of the Shades of Pale project has made us into better beer-makers, foodies, hosts, equipment repair specialists and storytellers.

Making beer for beer lovers is fun. We plan to keep it that way. 



The Shades team works to constantly release new core, limited, and seasonal offerings. Find our beer at stores, restaurants and bars state-wide, or drop by our tap-room to sample the entire range of what Shades has to offer.






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Trent Fargher & Alexandra Ortiz de Fargher