It’s all about the ales, pales, and so much more.   In all we make, we strive to create your new favorite and keep you coming back for more.

What’s on Tap?

Current line up of our On Tap session favorites:

   IPA West Coast        Misdirected 

   IPA North East         Grapefruit Revolution 

 (2017 voted best session in Utah- Utah Beer Challenge)

    Pale Ale                     Publican 

    Wheat (Hef)            Jack Wagon

     Amber                       Ready To Fly

     Porter                        4-Play

     Berliner Weisse    (Sour) Traditional 

     French Saison        (Experimental)

     Golden American Lager – Coming Soon

 Assorted Sour Beers and a Quad Belgian will be ready  for your                  enjoyment in the coming weeks. 

High Point or Heavy Beers

In Utah, beer above 4% abv is considered alcohol. All of  our products are available at the tap room and some are now available in your local liquor (DABC) store. We also offer wine and assorted shots: tequila, mezcal, vodka, Bourbon, whiskey, and spirits from local and exotic distillers. We also have a bottle shop where you can get our cold beer to go.  

Limited Edition                Espresso Stout          ABV= 7.5%   (Limit 1 case per customer)

Belgian IPA              Misconception    **           ABV = 8 %   

(Bronze Medal Winner – Mountain Brewers Festival) 

IPA North East         Slick City Citrus **            ABV = 7 %

Tripel Belgian          St. Black Out                       ABV= 10%  

IPA North East        Double Trub’l      **            ABV = 10%

Porter  Imperial      Sweet Dreams                    ABV = 8 %

              ** Available in most Utah Liquor (DABC) stores 

Do you have Growlers?

Yes!  we will fill yours or you can buy a growler to go. $12 to fill and if needed $5.00 for a glass growler.  

SPECIAL RELEASES – Barrel and Sour Program

Hogshead Reserve is our premium line of barrel aged beers.  After an extraordinary launch which sold out edition 1, 2 and 3, our team has created what we know is yet another exceptional Ale and it will be available in late March – limited quantities available.  

Mojito Reserve – Our unique beer aging in a Tequila Bar will provide you with an unparalleled experience – available in limited quantities in late March / early April. 

Sour Line – The Barrel room has an abundance of Barrel Aged Brews that will be released in the coming months. More varieties to be announced!


You are welcome to bring your own food in and eat, or for now we offer locally made Ricos Burritos – Pork or Veggie with a bit of salsa but you can always bring a picnic or get takeout from Pat’s BBQ as it is just around the corner.  Vertical Vegan Pizza is down the street and  Jimmy Johns and Este Pizza will deliver. 

 Our Brews

We produce exceptional, handcrafted beers that keep you coming back for more.  Shades of Pale beer is all about the recipes; the pales, ales, IPAs and so much more.  Expect subtle twists to traditional styles and easy drinking beers you just can’t get enough of.

Shades of Pale was birthed out of a dream and that’s what we bring to you.  The best beers we can dream up.