We’ve created a new beer our brewers are calling the”Asti Spumante” of beers.  It’s a Brut IPA, a beer style still in it’s infancy.   IPAs are typically characterized by a strong hop character but as the style evolves that’s no longer always the case.  Our Brut IPA, O.J. Simcoe, is dry, fruity, super carbonated and not overly hoppy. 

The beer was birthed out of creativity and experimentation.  One day our brewers were talking about the sugar content that was left in the mash after a Double Trouble IPA brew.   It’s really high.  Brewers extract sugars from grain in a brew for the purpose of converting them to alcohol.  A conversation started about how they could use the delicious residual sugars after a Double Trouble Brew.   The end of one beer cycle became the beginning of another.

You will notice the Brut IPA is light in color.  The Double Trouble brew claims most of the color, leaving the Brut IPA mash to create a light colored  beer.   We call it O.J. Simcoe because of the citrus undertones that are generated from the Simcoe hop.   The Brut IPA recipe calls for Simcoe hops to be added during the end of the beer making process for  fruity aroma and flavors without  bitterness.  We think you’re going to love it. 

The beer is being released this week end, Friday December 14th at 3:00 pm.   The brewery will be hosting some live music so it should be lively festive atmosphere.  Make plans to join us for a great all around night that will delight.


What’s new at Shades Brewing, well, ALOT!  Not only do we have a new name, but now we’ve got a new look.   We’ve been in business a few years now.  On the way we’ve learned a thing or two.

We’ve decided to informally change our name to Shades Brewing from Shades of Pale Brewing Company.  Why?  That’s our nick name.   Many of you refer to us as Shades and it feels comfortable.  From a practical point of view, our logo often shows up in small places.   Having a long name means squeezing many letters on to a small canvas making it hard to read.  By shortening our name, we make our graphics team happy.     

We also have a new look.  This is the first iteration of a cohesive brand look.  When we first got started we were having so much fun with the beers, that each one took on a life of it’s own.    4-Play Porter was named after our friend’s airplane “Ruby”.  Our friend Marilyn is an aerobatic pilot and flies for Ruby Red Racing.  Marilyn came out of the hanger one day to discover her friends had tagged her plane with the following “4-Play”.  Marilyn married our founders,  Trent and Alexandra, and they have always admired her determination and courage.  On the label you saw Ruby, Marilyn on a backdrop of adventure. 

Ready to Fly Amber goes back to our Park City Roots.  The beer was brewed for the premiere of the award winning documentary, “Ready to Fly Film”.   At the time, the US Women’s Ski Jumping team was phenomenal.  They would out jump the men in world championships.  The men would then go on to compete at the Olympics but the women could not because Women’s Ski Jumping was not an Olympic sport.  The film is the story of the women’s fight for inclusion.  After the premiere, the brewery kept getting requests for the beer, so we added it to our growing line up.  On the first label was a ski jumper.  We later discovered people thought the beer was a seasonal because it had a winter theme so we changed the label.  

One great thing we learned on our journey is that people loved all our brews.  If they tried one, they wanted a second one and to try a new one.  This is the reason we decided to change our branding to a more cohesive brand family look.   We hope this makes it easier for you to find us.

Regardless of what the packaging looks like, our primary focus has always been what’s inside.   From our humble beginnings in a 500 sq foot glorified garage to our current 16,000 sq foot facility, it’s always been all about the beer.  We’ve made equipment upgrades and we’re so thrilled to now have laboratory and a brilliant scientist on staff to help us continue advancing the craft.  Expect many great things to come.  

Rico Burrito

From the creator of Frida Bistro, comes Rico’s Burritos. You got it, we are now carrying locally made burritos in the tap room. You can still bring in your own food, but we’ve upgraded our previous food item, hot dogs, to Rico’s Burritos. Rico’s is the story of a man with a dream. His story of a dream come true below in the video.