We’ve created a new beer our brewers are calling the”Asti Spumante” of beers.  It’s a Brut IPA, a beer style still in it’s infancy.   IPAs are typically characterized by a strong hop character but as the style evolves that’s no longer always the case.  Our Brut IPA, O.J. Simcoe, is dry, fruity, super carbonated and not overly hoppy. 

The beer was birthed out of creativity and experimentation.  One day our brewers were talking about the sugar content that was left in the mash after a Double Trouble IPA brew.   It’s really high.  Brewers extract sugars from grain in a brew for the purpose of converting them to alcohol.  A conversation started about how they could use the delicious residual sugars after a Double Trouble Brew.   The end of one beer cycle became the beginning of another.

You will notice the Brut IPA is light in color.  The Double Trouble brew claims most of the color, leaving the Brut IPA mash to create a light colored  beer.   We call it O.J. Simcoe because of the citrus undertones that are generated from the Simcoe hop.   The Brut IPA recipe calls for Simcoe hops to be added during the end of the beer making process for  fruity aroma and flavors without  bitterness.  We think you’re going to love it. 

The beer is being released this week end, Friday December 14th at 3:00 pm.   The brewery will be hosting some live music so it should be lively festive atmosphere.  Make plans to join us for a great all around night that will delight.