Hogshead Reserve Bottle Release

Hogshead Reserve-1We’re excited to announce the release of Hogshead Reserve, Shades of Pale’s Brewing premium line of barrel aged beers.    These are limited edition batches crafted to be that something special that puts a smile on anyone’s face.

Why Hogshead Reserve?  We thought the name was fitting on several fronts.  First, hogshead is a unit of measure, more specifically a barrel that is larger than normal.  Since we are barrel aging beers, this is perfect name.  Second, the brewery is currently housed in what used to be a meat packing plant.  Under our sign, still sit two danging hogs.   Lastly, reserve, as this is a place that is set aside for special use.

After much success with our experimental gin barrel aged pale ale, we decided to move forward with Hogshead Reserve.  The line is launching with an Imperial Amber aged bourbon barrels and an Imperial Amber aged rye barrels both from High West Distillery.



Race Horse Trainer Benefit

Orange Rider LRWe had the privilege of attending the First Annual Wyoming Downs Beer Festival July 9th.  It was a marvelous event full of life, excitement, and community.   After helping Trent set up,  Alex headed for the stables.   It’s a good thing we had friends who helped out at the booth throughout the day, because with camera in hand,  Alex quickly became lost in a world of majesty, beauty, and grace.


It has come to our attention that race horse trainer,  Mike Taylor, an asset to the racing community is in need of assistance with medical bills.  He was in a collision with a semi trailer and is now fighting for his future with expenses accumulating.   Wyoming Downs is hosting a benefit and silent auction for him at the track July 24th.


Alex has created some beautiful images from the photographs she took at the track.  We hope you love them and they inspire you to race to your dreams.   Proceeds from the sale of these products will go to the Race Horse Trainer to assist with medical bills.    For complete store visit our Fine Art America Store.



Race to Your Dreams



Tote Bag


















All Creatures Great and Small; Let the Games Begin.


Wyeast, our yeast supplier has recently become unreliable.  Orders that normally take 14 days to arrive are late and now can take in excess of 6 weeks.  This is just not going to work for us.  We need to deliver beer to you when you’re thirsty.  Our answer? Develop our own yeast propagation program.  Huge thanks an unsung hero who has been working around the clock to get the lab set equipped and the program launched.  All Creatures Great and Small; let the games begin.


Wow! Did we see some AWESOME beards at the Facial Hair Competition this week end. Check out some of these folks. We had several categories: The Publican Professional Beard, The 4-Play Dapper Dash, The Jackwagon Outlaw, the 4-Play Freestyle and the Misdirected anything goes. As you can see we had some pretty creative ladies who got a little misdirected and made beards. One of them was made out of wood and another out of whisks.

Special thanks to Fuzzy Nates Barber Shop & Shave Parlor for co-sponsoring the event along with El Squanto products. Lee Hill for his contribution of awesome BBQ sauces, Pat’s BBQ for donating rubs, Sugar House Distillery. for their gift basket and Dinosaur River Expeditions. for river rafting for 2. Also special thanks to our Judges including Tara Norton and Radical Hospitality Theater. Not only did we have fun but we also raised several hundred dollars for Military Veterans counseling. Can’t forget – thank you all fabulous contestants for making this a great night. Without you there would have been no Beers and Beards. Can’t wait till the next one.   


Beers and Beards June 2016 Shades of Pale Brewing-4















Beers and Beards June 2016 Shades of Pale Brewing-5

Beers and Beards June 2016 Shades of Pale Brewing-7
















Beers and Beards June 2016 Shades of Pale Brewing-10















Beers and Beards June 2016 Shades of Pale Brewing-2















Beers and Beards June 2016 Shades of Pale Brewing-3














Beers and Beards June 2016 Shades of Pale Brewing-18
















Beers and Beards June 2016 Shades of Pale Brewing-16



























Beers and Beards June 2016 Shades of Pale Brewing-1























Beers and Beards June 2016 Shades of Pale Brewing-13






































Beers and Beards June 2016 Shades of Pale Brewing-11
















Beers and Beards June 2016 Shades of Pale Brewing-1-3


























Beers and Beards-1-4








Shades of Pale High Alcohol Beers Available at Utah Liquor Stores

Hello Utah!

The day s finally here.  Shades of Pale High Alcohol Beer is available at the Utah Liquor Stores.   We have delivered our White IPA, which you will find in the Beer X bottles.    It has been a bit of mystery to find out exactly when they would be on the shelves and where.  The word is out.  They’re out now and at the following stores:

tanks. shadesofpalebrewing.alexandraortizphoto.misdirected-1-2

SUGAR HOUSE: 1154 Ashton Ave, SLC

MURRAY: 5056 State Street, SLC

COTTONWOOD: 1863 East 7000 South, Murray

SANDY:  125 West 9000 South

OGDEN – 2ND STREET:  484 North Wall, Ogden

CLUB STORE: 1675 South 900 West, SLC

RIVERTON: 13332 S Market Center Dr, Riverton



Trial by Storm

After many a festival in the sun, on a borrowed tent, and our own cheapie pop up, we finally have our very own logo tent.   It was trial by storm and still around to shade another day due to the efforts of the team.   Word of advice, when you hear there’s going to be rain in Las Vegas, RUN the other way.   Never the less, Las Vegas beer fans are die hard.  We will definitely go back.