All Creatures Great and Small; Let the Games Begin.


Wyeast, our yeast supplier has recently become unreliable.  Orders that normally take 14 days to arrive are late and now can take in excess of 6 weeks.  This is just not going to work for us.  We need to deliver beer to you when you’re thirsty.  Our answer? Develop our own yeast propagation program.  Huge thanks an unsung hero who has been working around the clock to get the lab set equipped and the program launched.  All Creatures Great and Small; let the games begin.

Trial by Storm

After many a festival in the sun, on a borrowed tent, and our own cheapie pop up, we finally have our very own logo tent.   It was trial by storm and still around to shade another day due to the efforts of the team.   Word of advice, when you hear there’s going to be rain in Las Vegas, RUN the other way.   Never the less, Las Vegas beer fans are die hard.  We will definitely go back.


Geeking out over equipment. So what’s a depalletizer?


Isn’t this a beautiful sight?  The line started as Trent’s vision and was bought in pieces.  They are all pre-owned and came from various places.  Trent and Ashley completed our design and integrated the parts into a working whole.  For months Trent scoured the web for a depalletizer.  He knew loading the bottles onto the line would cause a bottleneck.