Our Story

Starting a Craft BreweryTrent Portrait - BW Tanks-

One of the best things about opening a brewery is the smile people get when you tell them about it. Everybody wants great beer… even in Utah. It was a long time coming and was just a dream at first. I’d been brewing beer as a hobby for fifteen years, but start a brewery? Well, my wife Alexandra urged me to engage the dream and ultimately go for it….. and 8 years later the dream has launched into reality. We have been successfully brewing and distributing beer in Utah since 2010.  I’m from a family of gourmets with a knack for blending great flavors. Alex is from a family of passionate Colombians. She knows how to get things done. She also knows how to dance a fiery Tango, but that’s a different story. Shades of Pale beer is all about the recipes, and adding subtle twists to classic styles. Our goal is to create uniquely-brewed, handcrafted beers, with a consistent quality that brings people back.


Just a Little Crazy…

e Alex ala Barleys AngelsOf course we’re making sure we have a lot of fun along the way. You have to be a little crazy to ride out the unexpected. Like when our fermentation tanks got stuck in customs. Or, when our first shipment of malt broke open in transit. On the plus side, the brewing community in Utah welcomed us warmly, which was great. Plus our friends got to taste beer from all our trial batches,  sometimes in the those early days, I don’t know if that was really a plus for them?

This very moment we’re brewing up our core brews for distribution in Utah liquor stores, your local grocery and convenience stores as well as many of your favorite restaurants, tap rooms and clubs. We are adding more sour beer offerings and are checking the barrel room for our limited editions. We welcome you to stop by our tap room for a taste or maybe an impromptu tour. We hope you’ll enjoy our amazing premier brands and we look forward to seeing you soon.  Meanwhile we’re still just a couple of beer lovers having fun making great beer for our friends.  We plan to keep it that way.

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Trent Fargher & Alexandra Ortiz de Fargher