Ready To Fly Amber AleReady to Fly is a medley of specialty malts and hops brewed to give you a taste of Park City.   This amber ale has a refreshing medium bitterness profile.  It’s a little more “hoppy” than Publican Pale Ale but not as  as “hoppy” as an IPA.  Take a sip and you may notice a hint of raisin and plum on the tip of the tongue and a gram cracker finish at the back of the palette.


Ready to Fly pairs very well with chicken or fish and it’s amazing with spicy food.


R2F Food Pairing GuideIf you haven’t had “Brazilian Beer Chicken” made with Ready to Fly Amber Ale you must put it on the list of dishes to cook soon.  It is fantastic.  In fact, it was so good, after making it for dinner Trent suggested we put more chicken in the left over marinade to cook again in the next few days.  Here is a link to the recipe (click here)



BillKerig_headshotReady to Fly Amber Ale was first brewed for the movie premiere of  Ready to Fly.  The beer was released to the general public seven months later, after numerous requests from those of you who had some at the event.   Ready to Fly film is an independent film produced and directed by Bill Kerig.   It is the story of the women’s ski jumping team, which is housed and trains right here in our little town of Park City.  Ready to Fly is a documentary about world champion ski jumper Lindsay Van and her teammates as they triumph over massive obstacles to achieve their Olympic dreams.

At the time of filming, the fight was still on, so Bill had no idea how the story would end.  Our women were winning world titles and in many cases out jumping the men, yet,  they were not allowed to participate in the Olympics.   The film has gone on to win multiple awards on the independent film circuit.  It was awarded “BEST DOCUMENTARY” at the Carmel Art & Film Festival in Carmel, CA and at the Twin Cities Film Festival in St Louis Park, MN.   It was awarded “BEST FEATURE-LENGTH FILM”   at the Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival in Banff, Alberta – Canada.  It was awarded  “BEST BIOGRAPHY” at the XDance – The Action Sports Film Festival, in Salt Lake City, Utah, and it was awarded “BEST MOUNTAIN CULTURE FILM” at the Whistler Film Festival, in Whistler, BC, Canada.


For More information on movie screenings, hosting a screening, or purchasing the DVD, follow this link to Ready to Fly Film Website.

For More information on our Women’s Ski Jumping Olympic Team, follow this link