Hogshead Reserve Bottle Release

Hogshead Reserve-1We’re excited to announce the release of Hogshead Reserve, Shades of Pale’s Brewing premium line of barrel aged beers.    These are limited edition batches crafted to be that something special that puts a smile on anyone’s face.

Why Hogshead Reserve?  We thought the name was fitting on several fronts.  First, hogshead is a unit of measure, more specifically a barrel that is larger than normal.  Since we are barrel aging beers, this is perfect name.  Second, the brewery is currently housed in what used to be a meat packing plant.  Under our sign, still sit two danging hogs.   Lastly, reserve, as this is a place that is set aside for special use.

After much success with our experimental gin barrel aged pale ale, we decided to move forward with Hogshead Reserve.  The line is launching with an Imperial Amber aged bourbon barrels and an Imperial Amber aged rye barrels both from High West Distillery.