Event: Mountain Brewer’s Festival June 6, 2015

Mountain Brewer's Festival 2015 FlyerMountain Brewer’s Beer Festival: Tomorrow, Sat, June 6th, Idaho Falls. It’s not too late to go! This is easily the best event in the region. Over 100 breweries and 6,000 attendees. The event is almost 20 yrs old and is completely planned and manned by volunteers. The event was started by a local home brew club and they do an amazing job. They’re organized, mobilized, prepared. They have volunteers who have been doing the same job over 18 yrs! It’s a charity event and it’s impressive.

Not too late to join us. Come on out!


Mountain Brewer’s Festival 2010

Shades of Pale at Mountain Brewer's Festival 2010 with Mike Riedel from Utah Beer BlogMountain Brewer’s Festival, June 2010.  We were not open yet.  At this time we had rented a glorified garage in Park City to begin recipe development and were working week ends and evenings.   One day we got an invitation to Mountain Brewer’s Festival.  Those volunteers are “on it”!  It had not occurred to us to go, but we took them upon it.  The rest is history.
1st Photo on the Left:  Trent and Mike Riedel from Utah Beer Blog. 2nd Photo: Trent manning the booth at our first beer festival.  3rd Photo – We didn’t have a jockey box so Trent decided to construct our own.  It was quite the invention.  It was a 55gallon drum on wheels.  It worked perfectly until you had to change out the kegs and all the ice fell to the bottom.  Lol.

Once again: We’ll be there.  Join us!  June 6th, Idaho Falls.  One price, unlimited drinks.  Over 100 breweries.


Shades of Pale at Mountain Brewer's Festival 2010Shades of Pale at Mountain Brewer's Festival 2010 - Home Made Keg Fridge and Jockey Box