The Dream Begins


Humble beginnings in our Park City location.  Our “commercial space” was really more like a glorified garage.   This video goes back to 2009.  We would not open for another year, but the invitation to festivals were already beginning.  In our little space, we began recipe development, working our day jobs and brewing evening and week ends.   What you see is a 15 gallon Sabco system.  Trent read that Sam Caglione from Dog Fish Head began his brewing career on a Sabco.  He figured,  if it was good enough for Sam, it would be good enough for us.

Trent worked his magic on the little brew system, but as you can see, it doesn’t hold a lot of liquid.   We got a last minute invite to a festival and didn’t know how we were going to make enough beer.  Well, we got our thinking caps on and decided we could make it happen if we had 2 systems.   A few phone calls later, we found a generous soul who let us borrow his Sabco.

All Creatures Great and Small; Let the Games Begin.


Wyeast, our yeast supplier has recently become unreliable.  Orders that normally take 14 days to arrive are late and now can take in excess of 6 weeks.  This is just not going to work for us.  We need to deliver beer to you when you’re thirsty.  Our answer? Develop our own yeast propagation program.  Huge thanks an unsung hero who has been working around the clock to get the lab set equipped and the program launched.  All Creatures Great and Small; let the games begin.