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After years without a tap room and much trouble and tribulation to secure licensing the day has finally come!  We are so excited to have you.  Hours: Monday 11:30 am - 10:00 pm, Tues-Friday 11:30am-close, Saturday 5:00pm to close,  Sunday: Closed.      The brewery is  a bit of a "Speak Easy".  Enter 2160 S.W. Temple  The building is on the corner of S.W. Temple and Utopia.  Warning:  You will enter an abandoned meat packing plant.  Follow the signs to the back.  Promise, it will be like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.   We are just 2 minutes away from Hwy 80 at State Street.   If you're not familiar with the area here is a link to a short video that shows you how to find us.     Brewery Hours and Directions

What's on Tap?

A line up of your session favorites and the current eXperimental:

Misdirected IPA

Grapefruit Revolution (Forte White IPA )

Publican Pale Ale

Jack Wagon Wheat

Ready To Fly Amber Ale

4-Play Porter

Marzen (Seasonal)

Malosi Pilsner  (eXperimental)

Belgian Pale (eXperimental)

In Bottles

How about high alcohol content beer?  We just got our "Club License"!  This means you can drink all our products at the tap room.   In Utah, you need a "club" license in order to sell beer over 4% abv over the counter.  With our new license, we'll be adding wine and spirits to our menu.  We are in the process of putting together our offering.  More information to come.  In the meantime, you can taste all of our beer, we can offer you wine, coke and diet coke.  We also have a bottle shop where you can buy bottles to go.   Currently in bottles we have:

Misdirected IPA  7% abv

St Black Out (Belgian Tripel) 9.3% abv

Hogshead Reserve (Edition 3) 11% abv

Do you have Growlers?

Yes!  You can buy a growler to go.  We do fill your growler.  It's $1o to fill.  If you need glass, we have growlers you can purchase for $5.

SPECIAL RELEASEHogshead Reserve-1

Hogshead Reserve is our premium line of barrel aged beers.  After an extraordinary launch which sold out edition 1 and 2, our team has created what we believe is yet another exceptional Ale. Edition 3 leverages our legendary Belgian Tripel recipe.   As this is the second run of the barrels, we were looking for a light bodied beer that would complement well the oak flavors we expected to extract from the barrels this time around.  We think you are going to love the dry, peach and pear flavors that are gently dipped with oak and a hint of bitterness.


Pat's MenuJimmy John's MenuPat's BBQ and Jimmy John's will deliver.  Pat's BBQ is just a few doors down, a DDD location and local favorite.   Jimmy Johns has impressed us with deliveries within 8 minutes of  a call.   You are also welcome to bring your lunch box.    We fought long and hard for the license that gives you a "choice" of weather to order food or not.  Now having said that, we do want to bring you great food options.  We had Chef J Looney with the Chow Truck, and The Polorican on opening day and are working to line up some of your favorite food trucks.  


We are not able to have pets indoors, but we have a couple of picnic tables in the patio.   The beer garden won't be ready until this summer, so it's not a fancy space.  It actually looks a bit like a prison yard (full disclosure) but you'll find some pretty awesome beer and what we hope will fee like home away from home.

The Future

We're working on it and would love your feed back, input, and collaboration.  Come find us on facebook, instagram, or G+.   This is a soft opening,   phase 1 of the Tap Room.   We are still working through the details.

Artfully Crafted Beers

We produce exceptional, handcrafted beers that keep you coming back for more.  Shades of Pale beer is all about the recipes; the pales, ales, IPAs and so much more.  Expect subtle twists to traditional styles and easy drinking beers you just can't get enough of.

 Our Brews

Jack Wagon Wheat Beer Collage


3 glasses 1000X 360

Your Adventure Starts Here

We believe in dreams and human potential.  We believe in passion an doing what you love.  We believe in hard work, in excellence and creativity.  The expression of what we believe is the beer. Our passion is in the bottle, our joy is in sharing it.  - Adventure in a bottle.